Dexzbitz get valuation from Net Present Value of dexzbitz is(USD) $2,129,600,201

Date:2021-12-04 13:22:48

Dexzbitz is a business with operations in the Technology market.

A valuation has been conducted using a Capitalization of Future Maintainable Earnings approach to determine a present value derived from net cash flow of $1,856,400,101 and an applied multiple equating to 4.

The capital requirement of Dexzbitz to produce revenue presently stands at $0.

The evaluation period is based on a 4 years horizon and maintainable earnings are currently $532,400,050.

4-years Net Cash Flow

Cash: 484,000,033.58
Evaluation Period 4 years
Maintainable Earnings $532,400,050
Applied Multiple 4
Capital Requirement $0
Borrowings $0
Net Cash Flow $1,856,400,101

Net Present Value = (USD) $2,129,600,201

What does this mean?

The CFME approach determines the value of your company by taking the expected future earnings over a typical investment horizon and dividing it by an assumed discount rate and capitalization rate.

A multiple for your business is then applied for assumed growth in your sector.

Based on your input we have applied specific assumptions within the Technology sector to calculate the end valuation for Dexzbitz.

This valuation methodology is generally used by VC’s and Private Equity firms to analyse investment viability of a growth business.