Waves Node 1.4 Zegema opens the Waves ecosystem for millions of MetaMask users!

Date:2021-10-25 14:58:14

After biance started thair own chain via eth network Waves also use eth blockchain network now and create the blockchian on eth network.

So millons of metamask user use waves blockchain  and transfer tokens and many more

More and more exchanges and blockchain projects are using the eth blockchain becasue of the simplicity and user friendly environment.

Metamask the great extension use by millions of people for in daaps.

In blockchain technology after bitcoin eth blockchian is the number one choice for blockchain devlopers and other user

Binace bsc chain network working on eth blockchain

Many Blockchain compney now also want to start thair own chain so user can transfer thair assets via metamask one of them are Dexzbitz exchange a blockchain companey want to create exchange token in bep20 in bsc network also have token in waves network and want to launch their own chain via eth echo system

Wazirx  exchange also working decentralize exchange work with metamask

Many more crypto startups use metamask now to make it no choice for the daap and crypto users